Diana Painter wins
preservation leadership award

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Painter Preservation and Planning Historic Preservation and Urban Design

Historic Surveys | Historic Register Eligibility | Evaluations
Environmental Compliance | Historic Contexts | HABS/HAER Documentation
Revitalization | Master Planning | Design Guidelines

The University of California, Irvine
The University of California, Irvine, CA
Sketch by Diana Painter

Urban Design & Revitalization Studies

Urban Design in Juneau: An Inventory, Juneau, AK
Documented and evaluated the urban design and historic context of downtown Juneau. Developed historic preservation guidelines and recommendations for future design districts and physical improvements to transform Juneau into a visitor-oriented, pedestrian-friendly city.

Auke Bay Special Area Plan, Juneau, AK
Analyzed the physical planning context and developed an urban design framework for this proposed commercial, visitor-oriented center in Juneau, Alaska.

Pajaro Community Plan and Development Support Program, Monterey County, CA*
Documented the regulatory framework and physical planning context in preparation for developing a revitalization plan, including urban design strategies, for the community of Pajaro.

Pacific Highway Revitalization Plan, Tukwila, WA*
Developed street improvement plans, transit-oriented land use regulations and design guidelines, and economic revitalization strategies for redevelopment of this two-mile corridor south of Seattle. This project won a Washington APA Award for Implementation in 1998.

Tukwila Urban Center Land Use Plan, Tukwila, WA*
Developed a transit-oriented land use plan for this commercial and light industrial center on the southern border of Seattle. Primary features included a transit spine to link retail and visitor-oriented facilities to the regional trail system and planned commuter rail station and an emphasis on increased development density and infill development.

* Developed while employed by others

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