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Albert S. Hall Ranch, CA 1920
Albert S. Hall Ranch, Petaluma, CA 1920

Historic Resource Surveys, and Inventories

Historic Resource Surveys and Inventories may be undertaken for a variety of purposes. Surveys of multiple properties are often the first step in determining the historic significance of a potential historic district. Surveys may also be undertaken for permitting and environmental review purposes. Painter Preservation & Planning has undertaken a wide range of historic resource surveys, from intensive surveys of one building or site to reconnaissance surveys of several hundred properties.

The Wedding Chapels of Downtown Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV
The Wedding Chapels of Downtown Las Vegas Boulevard represent an institution that has grown with the city to become a multi-million dollar industry. This survey documented the mid-century chapels along the Strip, most of which date from the 1940s and 1950s.

East Carson City Nevada Cultural Resources Inventory Survey 1 & II, Carson City, NV
This 140-property inventory involved surveying properties on the east side of Carson City and developing context statements to evaluate their historic and architectural significance. This information will allow the City to decide whether to proceed with a historic district nomination to protect properties threatened with commercial encroachment.

Russian River Resort Area Historic Resource Survey, Sonoma County, CA
The Russian River Resort Area comprises ten communities in Sonoma County that are part of the Russian River Redevelopment Area. This focused inventory of residential development represents a first step in the process of establishing and preserving the vernacular architecture of these early twentieth century resort communities.

North Edison District Survey and Inventory, Centralia, WA
The proposed North Edison Historic District in Centralia, Washington comprises approximately 210 properties. This inventory helps promote historic preservation in the residential district, which will ensure the district’s future integrity and complement revitalization activities in Centralia’s Downtown Historic District.

Berkley Square Historic Resource Survey, Las Vegas, NV
Berkley Square in west Las Vegas was the first minority-built subdivision in Nevada. This 148-property neighborhood is still primarily an African American community today and is a testament to its developers, which included Bay Area attorney and activist Thomas L. Berkley and the noted African American architect Paul R. Williams.

Huntridge Neighborhood Historic Resource Survey, Las Vegas, NV
This 275-property survey documents Phase I of a planned development designed to house Nevada’s defense industry workers in the 1940s. The formal subdivision design and traditional tract homes represented a new approach to community planning at the time.

Downtown Seattle Transit Project Historic, Cultural, Archaeological and Parkland Resources, Seattle, WA*
The Downtown Seattle Transit Project Historic Resources Survey encompassed 18 blocks in downtown Seattle, including Seattle’s Pioneer Square, International District, and the financial and retail cores. This survey was undertaken in conjunction with SEPA/NEPA review and Section 106/4(f) compliance processes.

* Developed while employed by others

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