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Residence, Keller Street, Petaluma, CA
Residence, Keller Street, Petaluma, CA

Project evaluations for consistency with the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation

Once a resource is listed on a local, State or the National Register, communities often use the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation to assess the appropriateness of planned changes to the resource. Painter Preservation & Planning works closely with local agencies and individual property owners to ensure that these standards are met.

St. Vincent’s Elementary School Campus, Petaluma, CA
This campus is made up of the 1888 Renaissance Revival St. Vincent’s Academy, a 1917 convent, and the 1937 elementary school. Planned changes to the campus include an addition to the convent and elementary school. Rehabilitation of the 1888 Academy was completed in 2006.

The Burdell Creamery/Petaluma Ice & Cold Storage, Petaluma, CA
The Burdell Creamery Building was established ca. 1895 as a creamery, cold storage, and electrical power plant by the pioneer Burdell family. The building, which today houses offices and a cabinet shop, is important for its place in Petaluma’s history and for its association with the Burdell family, whose estate in Novato is now a California State Park. More information

601 Petaluma Blvd. N., Petaluma, CA
This streamline moderne commercial storefront was a state-of-the-art market built by a consortium of Chinese families in 1941. It played an important role in the ethnic history of Petaluma by providing jobs and housing for immigrant Chinese families and individuals.

Kane Residence, Petaluma, CA
This classic Queen Anne residence is in Petaluma’s Oakhill-Brewster Historic District. The planned addition will ensure that the building continues to be a contributing element to the local historic district.

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