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The Rainier Club, Seattle, WA
The Rainier Club, Seattle, WA

Environmental Impact Reports & Statements & Section 106 Reviews

Environmental Impact Reports and Statements must address a proposed project’s impact on historic resources, and develop and evaluate alternatives. Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act requires federal agencies or federally-funded or licensed projects to consider the effects of undertakings on historic resources.

Painter Preservation & Planning has undertaken environmental review in California under the California Environmental Quality Act and in Washington State under the State Environmental Policy Act. We have participated in all phases of environmental review, from preparing initial studies and environmental checklists to developing mitigation and monitoring plans. In addition, we have completed over fifteen Section 106 compliance projects.

Fort Ord/East Garrison Base Re-Use, Monterey, CA
Painter Preservation & Planning was responsible for peer review of the Historic Resources Assessment for East Garrison at Fort Ord, a proposed National Register Historic District. We also drafted the cultural resources chapter and impacts and mitigation plan for the Environmental Impact Report for the proposed redevelopment of East Garrison.

Fremont Street Pedestrian Improvements Section 106 Review, Las Vegas, NV
Painter Preservation & Planning made determinations of eligibility for 22 buildings along Las Vegas’ classic mid-century Main Street to determine the impacts of proposed street improvements and gateway features. Two buildings, the 1941 Spanish Colonial Revival El Cortez Hotel & Casino and the 1951 International Style Penney's Building, were found eligible for the National Register, and this block-and-a-half of Fremont Street was found eligible as a local historic district.

First United Methodist Church/Rainier Club, Seattle, WA
Painter Preservation & Planning developed the Historic Resources Survey and impact assessment and mitigation plan for the Environmental Impact Statement for this proposed development. The project proposed demolishing the 1908 Classical Revival First United Methodist Church and creating an addition to the 1904 Jacobethan Revival Rainier Club. Preservation-oriented Seattle developer Nitze-Stagen has now stepped in to save the sanctuary. More information

Little River Airport Section 106 Review, Mendocino, CA
The hangar at this airport is significant for its role as part of the network of Navy airfields used for training pilots for deployment to the South Pacific during World War II. Its significance is local because it connected this small, isolated community to the post-war commercial air network.

Santa Rosa Downtown Mixed-Use, Santa Rosa, CA
Painter Preservation & Planning developed the Historic Resources Assessment for this three-block redevelopment project and drafted the mitigation plan for the Environmental Impact Report. The project area includes a 1937 National Historic Register property, the Rosenberg Department Store.

Menlo-Atherton High School, Atherton, CA
Menlo-Atherton High School is one of a large number of post-war school campuses built according to the environmentally sensitive "finger model" developed by Bay Area architect Ernest Joseph Kump.

Richmond Memorial Auditorium, Richmond Civic Center, Richmond, CA
The 1951 Civic Auditorium is one of four structures representing an early modern experiment in civic center campus planning. The complex was designed by the Bay Area firm of Milton and Timothy Pflueger.

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