Diana Painter wins
preservation leadership award

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Painter Preservation and Planning Historic Preservation and Urban Design
The International District, Seattle, WA
The International District, Seattle, WA

Historic preservation and urban design can enhance the unique qualities of places, support economic and community development, convey pride of place, improve the quality of everyday life, and ensure that our heritage will be passed on to future generations.

Painter Preservation & Planning supports these values while enabling clients to achieve their project goals in the planning, design, and entitlement process.

We specialize in architectural history, landscape and urban history, the history of technology, historic preservation planning, and urban design. Based in the Bay Area and Spokane, WA, we provide services throughout the western United States for public and private clients.

Diana Painter, owner and principal of Painter Preservation & Planning, is a qualified Architectural Historian as specified in the Secretary of Interior's Professional Qualification Standards and is listed with the State offices of Historic Preservation as an architectural historian in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada and Alaska. She has twenty-five years of professional experience in historic preservation, urban design and planning, and architecture, and is certified by the Institute of Certified Planners as an urban planner.

We welcome your inquiries about how our services may suit your project needs.